Vandermark 5 – Flammable Material: Vandermark Five Versus Atomic 2004 Tour Poster Boxset Opus

$600.00 USD

2004 boxeset from nearly 20 years ago!
Set of 20 16 x 20 out of print posters for the Vandermark Five, comes in a box with a tour CD made for this set. This was a real labor of love- an edition of 100. I have 2 to sell.
Posters from
Jay Ryan, Methane Studios, Jeff Kliensmith /Jesse LeDoux , Little Friends of Printmaking, Dan Grzeca, Mat Daly, Tooth/Casey Burns, Dirk Fowler, Kristen Christensen, Diana Sudyka, Cricket Press,Ames Bros, Seripop, James Quiqley, Kevin Mercer, Andrew Todd.